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Chimney Repair in New Jersey

At Everlast Construction we specialize in chimney repair in NJ. We offer many masonry services to provide homeowners with chimney repair that include brick laying, crown repair and smoke chamber renovation. We also offer chimney rebuilds, which, in addition to chimney repairs, provides safety for homeowners.

Because chimneys have exterior exposure, they will often need to be repaired. Cleaning the chimney will help make repairs more efficient. There are several techniques that can be utilized:

  • Chimney caps in NJ Chimney caps in NJ will prevent outside factors such as rain, leaves and animals from entering into your chimney and creating blockage. This will also discourage colder weather filtering in your home.
  • Relining chimneys in NJ According to the National Fire Protection Agency code 211, all chimneys must have a flue liner that functions to contain and release combustion by-products such as lent, gases, creosote and condensation.
  • Chimney dampers in NJ At Everlast Construction we use Lyemance damper mounts that keep out animals and rain, as well as cold weather. The damper will also open to allow smoke and gas from a lit fire out of the chimney.

Chimney caps, lining and dampers all need to be replaced at one time or another to continue to maintain good function in a chimney. The combination of the installation or repair of these materials, in addition to chimney repairs in NJ, will improve the function of your chimney more than ever before.

No job is too big or too small for the professionals at Everlast Construction. We provide repairs for any chimney no matter what the damage is, or how much there is. From water damage to issues with smoke, we can give you the solutions to any of your chimney problems.

We specialize in providing Chimney Repair in the following counties of NJ:

For more information about our chimney company and chimney repair in NJ, or for a free chimney repair estimate, contact us at 1-888-399-0955 today.

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